Monday, April 27, 2009


So this is my new pet project. The old photo-a-day blog. I plan to keep this one running. It shall be a home for my misfit ideas, my camera phone shots, my loose-ends, and my happenstance imagery. Circumstances aside, I plan to stick to my convictions and find one picture to share with the world every day. Since I'm a photo illustrator by trade and profession, think of this as an open sketch-book. Ideas for future projects may land here. So may failures and ill-conceived shots that have nowhere else to go. It's a collection of the absurd and the trivial. most importantly, it's an unedited look into the things I see on my journey through the weeks and months and years ahead.

Well then... now that we're through with formalities, I should point out that this is the ONLY text entry that will ever be written here. EVER. Unless it's important or something. Which will probably never happen. So with that in mind, don't come here expecting to read an open journal or some kind of witty banter. Ain't gonna happen, champ. This is where pictures come to lay and rest. Pictures and that is all.

In order to maintain this project, I will update as often as possible, mostly by camera phone and also frequently while I'm at the computer going through the day's treasures. The rules:

  1. I will post daily.
  2. The penalty for not doing so is that I shall post one picture for each day missed.
  3. The photos will not always be good.
  4. The photos will always be somewhat interesting.
  5. In the end, hopefully a narrative will develop and words will be unnecessary.
  6. By reading this, you agree to let someone know about this site.
  7. By reading this, you agree to share your thoughts on the pictures posted.
  8. Please Subscribe.

And THANK YOU for reading this.

The first posting follows...


  1. Just so you know, I'd never follow something WORDLESS if it weren't for you.

  2. well, simay, that's why i love ya. haha you're a pal :)

  3. An agreement based simply on reading the words of number 7.. what have I gotten myself into?

  4. you've gotten into a world of complications, nate. that's what. haha