Monday, June 22, 2009

So help me God... we took a day off.


  1. 1- Blue Moon is girls' beer, and I stand by my decision.
    2- I took yesterday off, too, to go see Placebo. And guess what? It got postponed to tonight, and I can't make it 'cos I have to work late.

  2. 1 - blue moon might be a girl's beer, but i drank it with a girl so it's okay. plus, it's delicious, so i don't care if it makes me less of a man. so there.

    2 - that's super lame.

  3. 1- Nah. It doesn't make you less of a man. Just a little girly, lol.

    2- It is. I yelled at the ticket company person and got my anger out, and I don't care if it was misplaced anger 'cos I needed it.

  4. 1 - SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! i'm gonna go pump some iron now and put posters of girls in bikinis on my wall...

    2 - you know they have that 'screaming day' in (i've tried googling it, but i can't for the life of me figure out what country they do that in...)? i remember reading about it. everyone takes a moment during the day and just screams their head off at nothing just to relieve stress. sounds kinda frightening and awesome. haha

  5. I think it was Japan, and I remember seeing on the news sometime that they gather around, build a stage and take turns doing just that.